Domain name application withh internicUS$ 100.00 hknicHK$ 250.00

These charges are made by the above organization. If you are our client, we complete the registration procedures for you free. Normally this takes approxmately three to four weeks to process. I strongly suggest you should make the registration as soon as possible to avoid the name being used by another party.

Domain name hosting

Usually to host a domain name you need to set up two servers (primary and secondary) all your materials are put on these servers. This involves buying and setting up these two servers. These two servers also requires somebody to maintain and service them. The two servers needs to be on 24hours, otherwise people cannot access the materials you put there.

To save you this problem and extra expenses we can host your domain name for you at a fraction of the cost. We call this virtual domain name hosting which is one of the services we offer our clients. Not all ISPs offer this service. As far as I know Galaxylink is one of the few ISPs who offers this service.

Of course, you can place you promotional materials on the web without paying this extra charge. But then, your URL (uniform resource locator) or web page address will appear something like this :

2.1Setting up charge for virtual domain hostingHK$1,000.00
2.2Monthly feeHK$1,000.00


Home page creation

Web design
Webmastering, including graphic design concept, scanning from photographs provided and conversion to gif and jpg format and convesion of text to html formatHK$5,000.00

We presume you will be supplying printed materials and phogographs. Graphic design artwork is suitable for the printed media only. In order for materials to be accessible on internet (especially world wide web) your materials need to be converted to html (hypertext mark up language) Also not all electronic image formats are supported by the html language. Based on your layout design and ideas we have to recreate it as near as possible to your design within the limitations of html language. You have to discuss with us your ideas and we have to come up with solutions acceptable to the net. Please bear in mind that there are many limitations on designing on the web. There is a lot of work to be done to translate a graphic concept to a workable web page concept.

Webpage maintenance

setting up HK$1,000.00
monthly fee including monthly updates HK$1,000.00


In order to be fair to all our clients we have to impose the following restriction. Under normal circumstances a web site seldom exceeds our limits

basic harddisk storage5mb
extra harddisk storateHK$50/mb/month
basic data traffic 200mb/month
extra data traffic HK$50/100mb/month


Business Dial up account

Business Account (up to 10 users)
Initial Sign-up Fee$800
Monthly Fee (1 month advance)$800 (15 hr. on-line time per user)
Monthly Fee (Each Additional User)$100 (15 hr. on-line time per user)
Each Additional Hour$5
Additional On-line Storage Over 5 MB (per user)$20 / MB / month